Frequently Asked Questions

Why Kemerdere?

Kemerdere village is 16 mins drive away from ancient Troy and 32 mins from the nearest airport in Çanakkale. Kemerdere is located on top of a hill overlooking a valley. There is a river and a small lake near the village. Over the river an ancient aqueduct, which still stands today, was built for carrying fresh water to Troy. Kemerdere is on the Kaz (Ida) mountains where the air quality is one of the best in the world, thanks to the widespread forests with many endemic plants and trees. The village is also close to Assos, the world capital for philosophy and Lesvos, the Greek island where Ai Weiwei had his atelier to work with refugees.

The natural habitat of the Kemerdere village was protected and cultivated by one of its residents, the late chemist H. Yüksel Ergen until he passed away in July 2020.

What is the School of Holistic Life?

The School of Holistic Life (SHL) is a life-long, trans-generational co-learning space for pioneers of change. The SHL aims at systemic, long-term and regenerative transformation for the 100 % of life on the planet; identifies the right intervention (acupuncture) points for systemic transformation to occur and works towards new systemic models which will render existing models obsolete. In supporting every living creature to discover its potential in its own essence, the SHL is inspired by nature, protects and regenerates it and serves the natural cycle. The School embraces diversity and encourages inter-disciplinary collaboration.

This journey is a collective design camp for the School of Holistic Life and the participants will have the chance of becoming the co-founders of the SHL and the regenerative village model.

How Will the Group Move Around?

TACT AGORA Team will rent a 15-seater Mercedes Benz Sprinter for the travel between Istanbul-Güzelyalı-Kemerdere-Assos-Istanbul. The cost will depend on the number of passengers. Airport-Hotel transfers in Istanbul can be arranged through the Hotels. Taxi is always a reasonable option in Turkey.

Where Will the Group Be Having Meals?

Turkey has a delicious cuisine and an amazing amount of alternatives when it comes to dining. For dinner, TACT Agora team will organize most of the meals (lunch & dinner) the Group will have together. The cost of meals is not included in the overall cost of the trip. Breakfast is included in the cost of the hotel accommodation.

What Does My Investment Cover?

This is a service-based trip, therefore TACT Agora is producing this at cost, without taking any profit. The cost includes:

  • 5 days / 4 nights of integrated, highly curated programming
  • Hotel accommodations (including breakfast)

The cost does not include:

  • international flights
  • airport-hotel transfers in Istanbul
  • local transport on route: Istanbul-Çanakkale-Troy-Kemerdere-Assos-Istanbul (a minibus will be rented for the group)
  • lunches & dinners

Important Note on the Cost: No participation fee is charged for TACT Agora program. TACT Agora team will work pro bono. We have been working with local partners to get a special rate for our group, so it will be below average.

What are the Benefits?

We believe in the theory of regenerative design. Everything we do is interconnected to the whole system. We see this trip as a step in the direction toward greater peace-building and systems literacy for a new world.

What makes this unique and beneficial to me?

Curated Community and Relationships (invite-only)
Cultural Immersion
Community Service Opportunities
Invitations to follow up gatherings, workshops and expeditions with TACT Agora

Do not forget to bring your trekking shoes and swimming suits!

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