Why Ayvalık?

Ayvalık is a city in Northern Aegean, Turkey. It’s located on the southern coast of the Gulf of Edremit (part of Aegean Sea), across from the eastern coast of Greek island of Lesvos, opposite its capital (Mytilene).

Ayvalik was an important trade centre during Ottoman times, it had an autonomous status and even many European powers setted up consulates. The city then was almost completely inhabited by Greeks, who were exchanged with Turks from Crete when a population swap was mandated between governments of Turkey and Greece in 1923. The fusion of local Greek and Cretan cultures caused the character of today’s Ayvalik: while most of the physical historical heritage is clearly Greek, the everyday culture lived on the streets between those buildings, including the local food, is mainly Cretan.

Ayvalik’s ancient name was Kydonia. Although both Kydonia and Ayvalik means ‘the place of quince’, the city is rather known for (and indeed surrounded by) a seemingly endless forest formed by olive trees. Olive has been important to Ayvalik in all ages, as it has been revered by both former Greek residents and present Cretan ‘immigrants’.

What is InnoCampus?

InnoCampus is a collaborative nonprofit project providing an innovation and entrepreneurship experience to young entrepreneurs. The goal of InnoCampus is to travel to cities from all around Turkey, help young people with the tools and methods they will need at different stages of their startups and connect them with individuals and organizations who can support them further. Since March 2015, InnoCampus has organized 8 programs in 6 different cities (Adana, Izmir, Çanakkale, Istanbul, Gaziantep and Urfa). Every summer InnoCampus Alumni and Volunteers get together. This year it will be on the 27th of July in Küçükköy, Ayvalık.

What is CATS Festival?

CATS stands for Creativity, Arts, Technology and Science. It will be the first Festival to be organized by Simay and Eray Dinç, Founders of Kırarthane in Küçükköy (Small Village) to have activities in these four fields such as talks, workshops, hackhatons and exhibitions. The Festival will be between the 17th and 30th of July.

Where Will I Stay? 

TACT Agora People will stay at the A Morgans Karaköy 10 Hotel in Istanbul (25-26 July) and Murat Reis Hotel in Ayvalik (27-29 July).

How Will the Group Move Around?

TACT AGORA Team will rent a minibus (for 19 people) for the daily excursions as well as for the transfers between the Hotel and Küçükköy. Airport-Hotel transfers can be arranged through the Hotel. Some distances in Ayvalık:

Balıkesir Koca Seyit Airport-Murat Reis Hotel Ayvalık: 48 km / 40 min
Murat Reis-Küçükköy: 3 km / 6 min
Murat Reis-Ayvalık City Centre: 7 km / 13 min
Murat Reis-Cunda Island: 18 km / 40 min

Where Will the Group Be Having Meals?

Turkey has a delicious cuisine and an amazing amount of alternatives when it comes to dining. For dinner, TACT Agora team will organize the dinners the Group will have together. The cost of dinners is included in the overall cost of the trip. For lunch, you will be free and receive suggestions.

How Much Do I Need to Invest?

If you wish to join only in Istanbul or only in Ayvalik, let us know and we’ll adjust your cost sharing according to your needs.

This is a service-based trip, therefore TACT Agora is producing this at cost, without taking any profit. TACT Agora will donate any proceeds to InnoCampus.

The cost includes:

  • 6 days / 5 nights of integrated, highly curated programming (from creative immersion during day to cultural experiences at night in Istanbul and Ayvalik)
  • Hotel accommodations each night in beautiful locations.
  • 2 delicious, authentic meals each day featuring the local cuisine (1 meal will be on your own, with curated restaurant recommendations)
  • Domestic flights between Istanbul and Ayvalik
  • Local transport to/from each location, beginning from Istanbul Airport to Ayvalik
  • Cost of all activities, including the AIMA International Music Festival in Ayvalik.

Important Notes on Cost:

No participation fee is charged for TACT Agora program. TACT Agora team will work pro bono and no other operational costs are expected. You will just need to cover your own costs of international airfare, one meal/day and any other additional costs and activities you’d like to set up. We have been working with local partners to get a special rate for our group, so it will be below average.

Participants who confirm their participation by the 15th of June 2018, will be kindly asked to transfer at least 50% of the cost so that we can confirm the hotel reservations and buy the domestic flight tickets. If you prefer, you may as well transfer the whole amount. In case of cancellation of your journey by yourself for any reason, 30 % of the hotel cost and % 100 of the domestic flight cost will not be refunded. 

What are the Benefits?

We believe in the theory of regenerative design. Everything we do is interconnected to the whole system. We see this trip as a step in the direction toward greater peace-building and systems literacy for a new world.

What makes this unique and beneficial to me?

Curated Community and Relationships (invite-only)
Cultural Education & Immersion
Mentorship and Community Service Opportunities
Invitations to follow up gatherings, workshops and expeditions with TACT Agora

How is the Weather Like During That Season?

Weather Forecast in Istanbul (25-26 July): Sunny 🙂 27-28 ℃ (day) / 17-18℃ (night)

Weather Forecast in Ayvalık (27-29 July): Sunny 🙂 30-31 ℃ (day) / 21-22℃ (night)

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