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Why Göbeklitepe, Mardin & Mount Nemrut?

There are substantial grounds to claim that the most significant archaeological discovery of the 21st century is the Göbeklitepe. First of all, it dates back to 12 thousand years ago. In other words, it’s approximately 8 thousand years older than the pyramids and 7 thousand years older than the Stonehenge. Furthermore, it is even older than the human transition to settled life. Therefore, contrary to the widely held view, it proves the existence of religious beliefs prior to the establishment of the first cities.

It is the first Temple of the World and is believed to be a centre of faith and pilgrimage during the Neolithic AgeThe earliest three-dimensional depictions carved into stone are found here. According to scientists, the archaeological discovery of Göbeklitepe changed human history. It proves the existence of religious beliefs prior to the establishment of the first cities. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. 2019 is declared as the Year of Göbeklitepe in Turkey.

Mardin is an enchanting city demonstrating a cultural wealth and architectural heritage passed down through thousands of years. This timeless poetic city created by the delicate spirit of the mason’s hands that gave form to its stones. Revealing the city to be an architectural treasure chest, the golden stone houses, masterfully and elegantly built on the steep slopes, achieve an extraordinary harmony between climate, geography and architecture. The civilisations and culture of thousands of years are reflected in the staircased streets, small squares and the traditional dwellings of the city.

The Mount Nemrut is one the highest peaks of the Mesopotamia, and its summit at 2,206 metres above the sea level contains the tomb of King Antiochus I of Commagene. The gigantic statues of gods, each weighing 6 tons and 10 metres tall, are considered unique, and consequently it was inscribed in the UNESCO List of World Heritage. The Commagene Kingdom dominated the region for almost two centuries between 109 BC and 72 AD, and it appears to be a remarkable civilisation unifying the cultures and beliefs of Macedonian and Persian civilisations. One of the essential rituals of visiting Mount Nemrut is enjoying the unique sunrise from the summit. King Antiochus, revering his ancestors in Western and Eastern civilisations, erected giant statues of gods on the East and West terraces and cited their names both in Persian and Greek.

What is SDG Impact Accelerator?

The SDG Impact Accelerator (SDGia) is a global accelerator built by a multi stakeholder platform focusing on empowering “systems entrepreneurs” and innovators who are providing impact at scale. It aims to generate market-creating innovations initially for refugee populations and least-developed country (LDC) populations at the second stage.

In Summer 2019, SDGia opened two challenges, supported by partners:

  • Sanitations solutions – supported by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the world’s largest private donor institution and Eczacibasi Vitra, one of the largest sanitation systems producers globally
  • Digital ID solutions – supported by the UN Development Programme (UNDP) and World Food Program (WFP)

The programme starts with Pre-Acceleration Bootcamp on 6-7 July, continues with a pitching day on 26 August and ends with a demo day on 13 September 2019.

What is InnoCampus?

InnoCampus is a collaborative nonprofit project providing an innovation and entrepreneurship experience to young entrepreneurs. The goal of InnoCampus is to travel to cities from all around Turkey, help young people with the tools and methods they will need at different stages of their startups and connect them with individuals and organizations who can support them further. Since March 2015, InnoCampus has organized 8 programs in 6 different cities (Adana, Izmir, Çanakkale, Istanbul, Gaziantep and Urfa). Every summer InnoCampus Alumni and Volunteers get together.

Where Will I Stay? 

TACT Agora will stay at Room Mate Emir in Istanbul (19 October), at Reyhani Kasrı in Mardin (20-21 October) and at Hilton Garden Inn in Adıyaman (22 October) .

How Will the Group Move Around?

TACT AGORA Team will have a minibus for the daily excursions as well as for the transfers. Airport-Hotel transfers can be arranged through the Hotels. Taxi is always a reasonable option in Turkey.

Where Will the Group Be Having Meals?

Turkey has a delicious cuisine and an amazing amount of alternatives when it comes to dining. For dinner, TACT Agora team will organize most of the meals (lunch & dinner) the Group will have together. The cost of meals is included in the overall cost of the trip. Breakfast is included in the cost of the hotel accommodation.

What Does My Investment Cover?

This is a service-based trip, therefore TACT Agora is producing this at cost, without taking any profit. TACT Agora will reinvest any proceeds into its community services. The cost includes:

  • 5 days / 4 nights of integrated, highly curated programming (from creative immersion during day to cultural experiences at night in Istanbul and Mardin)
  • Hotel accommodations each night in beautiful locations
  • 2 delicious, authentic meals (except alcoholic beverages) each day featuring the local cuisine
  • Local transport and transfers (except the airport-hotel transfers in Istanbul)
  • Cost of all group activities
  • Professional guiding service in Mardin, Urfa and Nemrut

Important Note on the Cost:

No participation fee is charged for TACT Agora program. TACT Agora team will work pro bono. You will just need to cover your own costs of international and domestic (Istanbul-Mardin& Adıyaman-Istanbul) airfare, alcoholic beverages, airport-hotel transfers in Istanbul and any other additional costs and activities you’d like to set up. We have been working with local partners to get a special rate for our group, so it will be below average.

What are the Benefits?

We believe in the theory of regenerative design. Everything we do is interconnected to the whole system. We see this trip as a step in the direction toward greater peace-building and systems literacy for a new world.

What makes this unique and beneficial to me?

Curated Community and Relationships (invite-only)
Cultural Immersion
Community Service Opportunities
Invitations to follow up gatherings, workshops and expeditions with TACT Agora

How is the Weather Like During That Season?

Weather Forecast in Istanbul (19 October): Sunny 22 ℃ (day) / 16 ℃ (night)

Weather Forecast in Mardin-Urfa-Nemrut (20-23 October): Mostly Sunny 20-25 ℃ (day) / 8-12 ℃ (night)

Do not forget to bring your yoga mat and comfortable shoes!

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