2018 Istanbul – Ayvalık


July 25-26 | Istanbul | Accommodation at A Morgans 10 Karaköy

Wednesday, July 25

10:00-12:00  Check-in and gathering at Karabatak Coffeehouse in Karaköy

13.00-15:00  Lunch at Konyalı Restaurant at Topkapı Palace

15:30-17:00 East-Meets-West: Playing the Game in the Historical Peninsula moderated by Esra Karaosmanoğlu (please bring comfortable shoes and hats)

18:00-20:00 “Why Istanbul is the place to reimagine the future?” A Conversation facilitated by Ray Boyle (Venue: The Circle)

20:00-22:00 Dinner (Venue: Leb-i Derya)

22:00-24:00 The Music Medicine with Dimitrios: A Musical Ritual (Venue: The Circle)

Thursday, July 26 

08:00-09:30 Breakfast at the Hotel & check-out

10:00-12:30 East-Meets-West: Walk & Talk in Fener-Balat neighbourhoods

12:30-14:30 Lunch and Conversation on the Boat through Bosphorus from Balat to Arnavutköy

15:00-17:00 “Systems Thinking for Individual & Collective Transformation”: A Workshop facilitated by Ting Kelly (Venue: Joint Idea Arnavutköy)

20:30-21:35 Flight from SAW Istanbul (Sabiha Gökçe Airport) to Balıkesir-Edremit EDO (Koca Seyit Airport) (TK7338)

22:00-22:45 Arrival at Murat Reis Hotel in Ayvalık

July 27-29 | Ayvalık (150 km north of Izmir) | Accomodation at Murat Reis Hotel

Friday, July 27

07:00-08:30 Yoga & Meditation hosted by Esra Karaosmanoğlu and Ting Kelly at Şeytan Sofrası (Devil’s Feast) (please bring your own mats)

08:30-10:00 Breakfast at the Hotel

10:00-11:00 Intention Mapping & Grounding hosted by Ting Kelly and Ray Boyle (at the Hotel): Why are we here? Why now?

11:30-12:00 Discovering Küçükköy (Small Village) guided by Simay Dinç, Kıraarthane

12:00-13:30 Playing the Return Game in Küçükköy moderated by Esra Karaosmanoğlu (You will need comfortable shoes and hats)

13:30-16:00 Lunch & Free time

16:00-19:00 Workshop with InnoCampus Alumni (including refugee entrepreneurs) on “How to Change the World” moderated by Memet Ünsal and Ting Kelly at Küçükköy Cumhuriyet Kültür Merkezi (Cultural Centre)

20:00-23:00 Traditional Dinner and Music at the Hotel (w/ InnoCampus Alumni) during the Lunar Eclipse

Saturday, July 28

07:30-08:30 Yoga & Meditation hosted by Esra Karaosmanoğlu & Patricia Echeverria at the Hotel

08:30-10:00 Breakfast at the Hotel

10:30-12:30 “Making a Regenerative Impact on the Refugee Crisis” w/ refugee entrepreneurs of InnoCampus (Venue: Kıraarthane)

12:30-13:30 Lunch in the village (free)

14:00-16:00 “Hacking the Future” Workshop w/ refugee entrepreneurs (Venue: Kıraarthane)

17:30 Departure from hotel

17:45-18:30 East-Meets-West: Walk & Talk in Ayvalık

18:30-19:30 Dinner in Ayvalık (Venue: Town Club)

20:00-22:00 A Capella Boğaziçi Concert (Venue: Taksiyarhis Memorial Museum), AIMA Ayvalık Music Festival

Sunday, July 29

07:30-08:30 Yoga & Meditation hosted by Esra Karaosmanoğlu & Ting Kelly at the Hotel

08:30-10:00 Breakfast at the Hotel

10:30-12:30 Community Debrief: Future Considerations & Collaborations hosted by Rahel Kassahun & Ting Kelly

12:30-14:00 Lunch (free)

14:00-15:00 Rhythm Workshop hosted by Özgür Atanur at the Hotel

16:30-18:30 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Impact Accelerator: Prototyping Session with UNDP experts (optional)

18:30-19:00 Departure for Cunda Island

19:00-20:30 Sunset Ritual at Sevim & Necdet H. Kent Library, Cunda Island hosted by Ting Kelly

21:00-22:30 Dinner in Cunda Island (Venue: Teo’s Restaurant)

Monday, July 30

07:20-08:20 Flight from Balıkesir-Edremit EDO (Koca Seyit Airport) to Istanbul (Atatürk Airport) (TK2265)

14:35-15:40 Flight from Balıkesir-Edremit EDO (Koca Seyit Airport) to Istanbul (Atatürk Airport) (TK2261)