2018 Istanbul – Ayvalık

Both Istanbul & Ayvalık (25-29 July):

Annick Niedner – Born and grown up in tiny Luxemburg, trained lawyer (Paris) and language teacher (German, French), currently teaching French to adults (Alliance Française), passionate language learner and dancer, mother of three grown-up kids, Brussels

Aylin Gezgüç – CSR and Sustainability Strategy, Brand Architecture and Communications Strategy Professional, Consultant, Coach, Dreamer, Yogi, Mother, Social Entrepreneur, Istanbul

Ceren ZeytinoğluCeren Zeytinoğlu – Sociologist, caricaturist and Global Affairs Coordinator at Aquamatch, the leading water treatment and wastewater reuse company in Turkey. Passionate about sustainability, good governance, interfaith communications and creating spaces for free expression of ideas. She holds a MSc in International Relations Theory from LSE, Istanbul

Esra Karaosmanoğlu(Arya) Esra E. Karaosmanoğlu – Peacecoholic, Corporate Lawyer by formation, Spiritual Yoga Teacher by vocation, Writer by passion. Practicing corporate and foreign investments law in Turkey. Volunteer lawyer in Adım Adım, raising funds for NGOs through charity runs. Believes in love, kindness, compassion, creativity, collaboration, hard working, perseverance, art, dance, diversity and collective inspiration, Istanbul

Fadi BisharaFadi Bishara – Founder & CEO of Blackbox, a Silicon Valley-based nonprofit working to elevate entrepreneurs across the globe. Connector; effectively matching human capital and venture capital needs across the globe. Angel investor, mentor & business partner to international startup accelerators, San Francisco

Mustafa Osman Turan – Dreamer, Community Builder, Mediator, Co-Founder at InnoCampus.org, passionate about connecting people through meaningful conversations artfully hosted in inspirational places, seeking balance between science and spirituality, between dreams and realities, dedicated to the advancement of human consciousness, interested in exoteric ancient wisdom traditions, Ankara

Özgür Atanur – Explorer, transmedia story teller, award winner innovator, project coordinator, business developer, consultant, leader, personal development trainer, musician, a boy & a girl’s father, Istanbul

Patricia Echeverria

Patricia Echeverria – Transformational Coach and a Social Innovation Designer. She has led transformational social change within global organizations including TED, Impact Hub, and PwC. She holds an MA in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and a B.ARCH from Cornell University. Santa Monica, California

Rahel Kassahun – PH.D. in Economics (University of California), Founder & Executive Director at Africa Unbound, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Ray Boyle

Ray Boyle – Expert in inclusive innovation and new cities with the UNDP Knowledge and Innovation Team. She has worked across multiple sectors to design spaces, experiences, products, and processes that bring people together to dream, design, and build shared visions of the future, Oakland, CA

Sinem YalvaçSinem Yalvaç – Regional Finance Director at ITE Group PLC. Passionate about traveling, reading, social networking and delivering better lives projects, Istanbul


Ting Kelly – experience designer, ecosystem builder, brand strategist; Founding Partner at Emergent Collective, an experience design studio of the future; producing global immersive experiences geared for luminaries on the edges of art, culture and technology; Fellow for the Long Now Foundation and Advisor for several high-growth startups, including CoMakery, San Francisco

Vivien Leung

Vivien Leung – a wanderer, observer, dreamer, curator and connector, experimenting at the intersection of human behaviour, storytelling, and emerging technology. She combines systemic constellation technique and human-centered design methodology to create safe spaces for learning and growth, Berlin

Only Ayvalık (27-29 July):

Amal DokhanAmal Dokhan – Director of the Babson Global Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership in King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. Passionate professional in designing experiences, guiding corporates and startups to innovation and customer centric design. Boston and Saudi Arabia

Duygu Ercan Mörel – professionally an economist specialized in trade policy and strategy development, in the daily life passionate about technology, creativity, music, art, yoga, Ankara

Nazlan Ertan – Al-Monitor Culture Editor, journalist, reader, inquisitive chatter-box, drifter, Izmir

Ozan Sonmez Conference Event Photo

Ozan Sönmez – Founding Managing Director of Growth Circuit Accelerator (GCA) in San Francisco, angel investor, experienced startup mentor and an accelerator manager with 10 years of experience in investing and building startup programs. He is a teaching professional in University of Europe, a speaker, mentor, and judge for international startup competitions, San Francisco     

Simay DinçSimay Dinç – Co-founder of Kıraarthane and co-founder of Recontact Digital Arts, award winning game producer of cinematographic mobile games; Recontact: Istanbul and Recontact: Istanbul Eyes of Sky. She is the  Executive Board of Oyunder (The First Game Association in Turkey) and the founder of Women in Games Turkey. Her mission is put women’s energy and creativity to game industry. Istanbul, Ayvalık

Şirin Aktaş

Şirin Aktaş – an excited woman—not only excited to be a woman, but to be a wife, a mother, a PHD Student, an enthusiastic technologist and a Head of IT embarking on her career at one of the biggest FMCG company. She is happy to live, run, learn, love, teach, volunteer, lead , and enjoy all the opportunities to make a difference as a WOMAN. Istanbul