2020 Mardin-Urfa-Gaziantep

Aydan Bahadır
– Personal development expert, trainer, coach, hypnotherapist, singer Unknown.jpgand composer. Main focus areas emotional intelligence and neuroscience. Previously worked at the European Parliament as a policy officer on foreign policy. Brussels

Berfu AksoyHas started her career as a lawyer and specialized in international energy 3A5A8655.JPG
and construction industries for over 16 years as a founding partner of her law firm. Upon having abrupt experience of epiphany in February, 2016 she devoted herself to remind the power of love and unity to the humanity by seeking and sharing the divine answers. She mainly focus and helps people to remember  their state of Be’ing by bridging physical world understandings with the laws of the universe using method she encouraged to called “All”, Istanbul

Burçin Baytemür – Holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Social Sciences from the63.jpg

Vienna University of Economics and Business and a master’s degree in International Relations (Middle East) from Durham University. Trying to find ways to serve the greater good. Currently working for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Vienna

Ceren Zeytinoğlu – Sociologist, caricaturist and Founder & Director of KonuŞu, the first independent talk platform in Turkey. Passionate about regenerative design, social Pictucere 1.pnginnovation, and creating spaces for free expression of ideas. She holds an MSc in International Relations Theory from LSE, Istanbul

Eda Çarmıklı – Explores life using positivity and a belief in humanity as her compass. 38.JPGAfter studying business (Bilkent University, Ankara) and interior design (UCLA), Eda’s career path led her through finance sector within a local bank in Turkey and her family business Nurol Holding, a major construction conglomerate in Turkey. In 2016, Eda could no longer resist her entrepreneurial instincts and found a way to focus her passion and business sensibilities as a partner in Joint Idea and co-founder of Life Works Labs. In life, she was always intrigued by the less travelled paths and exploring one’s unique voice. Istanbul

Gizem Bengüsu – I studied Geophysics Engineering in England and currently I am Unknown.jpg
running my own business in applied geophysics in Cyprus. I am a Turkish Cypriot and have an interest in practices which support elevation of consciousness. I am trying to live as a bhakti yogi and I am student of Mahayogi Gokulachandra Das for three years.

Görkem Şen – Görkem is the inventor of the musical instrument Yaybahar. He studied at görkem.jpg the Music Department with full scholarship at Bilgi University and worked as a live sound engineer and tonmaister for several bands and concert halls while he was producing music for theatre, contemporary performances, films, new media and audio visual artworks. He has performed with different acoustic instruments, digitalized sound, recording, studio and computer music medium, besides many sound experiments. He keeps designing and inventing musical instruments and he is seeker of pure music.

Gülseren Çelik– Diplomat, intuitive, compassionate and optimist, is looking forward to this soul gülseren.jpgsearching journey that will give a glimps of the oldest human history as of yet. Ankara

Hilaneh Mahmoudi – Born in Tehran Iran. Studied mathematics and education in Picture 1.pngCanada. Lived in Iran, Canada, USA , Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkey. Former teacher of English and Mathematics. Current photographer, photojournalist, artist and part time worker at Turkey volunteers; aiming at educating teenage Syrian refugees. Istanbul

Lulu Li – An active practitioner in fields of design, art,  interaction design,
research,lulu li.png curatorial practice, and  entrepreneurship. Both her personal works and studio works has won numerous awards from TOCA ME, Gilbert de Botton UAL awards, Red Dot, IF award, to the Best app 2014 and 2015 in app store. Her personal renowned design work series “the lightning babe” has won her reputation in Chinese design scene 2007, while her later  artwork “Where r u…” is installed in K11 Shanghai building facade as permanent collection. 2013 she run Beijing based social innovation platform – Interactive Beijing, Beijing

Markus Letho –  Playful explorer of life, a humanist, and above all, a utopian. I believe Markus+Lehto.jpgwe all need to strive for the impossible by applying ourselves and our collective energies on creating heaven on earth within this lifetime. I am a Finnish Canadian earthling that spends most of my time in Istanbul, in the liminal space where East meets West. I co-founded Joint Idea in 2015 as a ‘community of serendipity’ to connect ideas seeking the right people place and time, Istanbul


Mischeila Golla – International Business Development Executive, Sales Analyst, Fundraiser, NLP-Coach, Brand Builder, Beekeeper, Globetrotter, Meditation Lover, Unconventional Spiritual Truth Seeker, Curious Soul and Pioneer of the Future, Istanbul Resident and Lover – with the passion to grow, uplift and empower. Believes in the magic of Synchronicity, the magic of Collaboration and the magic of Trust and Faith, Istanbul

Mustafa Osman Turan – Dreamer, Community Builder, Mediator, Co-Founder at mustafa-osman-turan-e1505671543863.jpgInnoCampus.org, passionate about connecting people through meaningful conversations artfully hosted in inspirational places, seeking balance between science and spirituality, between dreams and realities, dedicated to the advancement of human consciousness, interested in exoteric ancient wisdom traditions, Ankara

Kamel Magour – After working as an Energy Economyst with European Energy 68996256_1289515977893875_5035692220749971456_n.jpgRegulators, Kamel founded two technology startups in France and Morocco. Kamel currently runs a space for transformational experiences in Marrakesh. Marrakesh

Roxanne Andrieux – Free-thinker, Mentor, Jazz Producer, Start-up Investor, Advocate ofRoxanne Portrait.jpg blockchain to record and trade intangible assets (ideation.com), Private sector advisor to Chinese state-owned company on Sustainable Development Goals in high-density urban environments (sino-biz.cn), Shanghai and Paris

Sema Topaloglu -Studied landscape architecture in Ankara, Turkey. Later moving to Picture 1.pngBelgium she widened her field of experience through various creative workshops and experiences at interior design studios and ateliers in Brussels. Returning to Turkey and establishing a base in the rich historical district Beyoglu in downtown Istanbul she actively merged her design approach with the historical craft culture of the city. Through her high adrenaline personality and enthusiasm, she continuously demonstrates a passion for natural objects, spaces and close relationship with material and craft, Istanbul

Yeliz Rüzgar – After working in international trade as a consultant, Yeliz Ruzgar leads YRyuksek coz 2 yeliz ruzgar.jpg International and PowerCoaching.US since 2006 with the purpose to inspire, energize and transform lives! She is a holistic life consultant, humanitarian, global wellness ambassador and an inspirational speaker. Her supernatural true story about creating abundance and certainty in the middle of war especially inspires and empowers many refugee women. As a non-profit and humanitarian work she loves to share this story where she is invited to talk, Istanbul