The journey began for the School of Holistic Life! 

Why? Given the global urgency around Covid-19 pandemic, climate change and shifting economy, a new kind of sanctuary is needed to collectively learn and experiment how to reconstruct a new way of living together in conversation and collaboration with one another. In line with this vision, our journey aimed to explore the possibilities of a School of Holistic Life embedded in a Regenerative Village.

Outcome? This journey was a collective design camp for the School of Holistic Life. The participants had the chance to become the co-founders of the School and the Regenerative Village. This experience was the first step towards a conscious collective, acting out of love and service for the world. Since then, we have built a community of Holists working on project.

When? The fourth TACT Agora co-learning expedition took place on 20-24 August 2021.

Where?   Kemerdere village | Troy | Assos (Çanakkale, Turkey)

Who? This was an invite-only trip. Every person involved in this experience was intentionally invited to be on this journey. We have specifically curated each person on the trip based on the alchemy, the relatedness, and the highest potential for impact and partnership. The result was a multidisciplinary and intergenerational group who are ready to co-create a new way of sustainable living in nature.

A Tribe Called Kotori by Oliver Koletzki

What is TACT Agora?

“Speech is conveniently located midway between thought and action, where it often substitutes for both.” John Andrew Holmes

For a new culture which speaks a language of the heart to emerge, we need hospitable gathering places, a modern-day Agora, where we excel our abilities to think and act with tact, that is, with skill and sensitivity in dealing with others or with difficult issues.

TACT Agora is as an eye-to-eye gathering place for a global community of change-makers to connect, converse, inspire and create together. We also share our experiences and support each other and our ongoing projects in different parts of the world, thus having access to local resources and ideas.

TACT Agora has been launched in Karagöl near Izmir, Turkey (photo below) on 26 August 2017 and will be convened wherever and whenever it is called for.

Karagöl | Tantalus Lake

It is clear that we can no longer live the way as we do. We have to change our mindset. Otherwise, we risk destroying life on Earth.

It is high time we feel responsible for our individual actions or inactions.

We have enough experience and tools to reverse the consequences of our greed and obsession with power. But the clock is ticking!

A new form of collective consciousness is in the making across the world. A form that is inherently more beautiful and balanced than ever before between its feminine and masculine parts. When things start becoming more beautiful, that means we are evolving.

TACT Agora will enable our stories to converge and patterns of new interconnections emerge. Patterns will inspire a myth, a timeless footprint of our collective consciousness in the Universe. A community which has its own myth will have the power to create positive impact in the world.


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