Fadi Bishara – Founder & CEO of Blackbox, a Silicon Valley-based nonprofit working to Fadi-Bishara-300x300.jpgelevate entrepreneurs across the globe. Connector; effectively matching human capital and venture capital needs across the globe. Angel investor, mentor & business partner to international startup accelerators. San Francisco, fadi@blackbox.vc



Hilaneh Mahmoudi – Studied mathematics and education in Canada. Lived in Iran, Picture 1.png
Canada, USA , Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkey. Former teacher of English and Mathematics. Current photographer, photojournalist, artist and part time worker at Turkey volunteers; aiming at educating teenage Syrian refugees. hilanehmahmoudi@gmail.com




Lulu Li – an active practitioner in fields of design, art,  interaction design, research, lulu li
curatorial practice, and  entrepreneurship. Both her personal works and studio works has won numerous awards from TOCA ME, Gilbert de Botton UAL awards, Red Dot, IF award, to the Best app 2014 and 2015 in app store. Her personal renowned design work series “the lightning babe” has won her reputation in Chinese design scene 2007, while her later  artwork “Where r u…” is installed in K11 Shanghai building facade as permanent collection. Beijing, lulu@didelidi.com


Mischeila Golla – International Business Development Executive, Sales Analyst, _DSC7186.jpgFundraiser, NLP-Coach, Brand Builder, Beekeeper, Globetrotter, Meditation Lover, Unconventional Spiritual Truth Seeker, Curious Soul and Pioneer of the Future, Istanbul Resident and Lover – with the passion to grow, uplift and empower. Believes in the magic of Synchronicity, the magic of Collaboration and the magic of Trust and Faith. Istanbul, mischeila.golla@gmail.com


Mustafa Osman Turan – Dreamer, Community Builder, Mediator, mustafa-osman-turan-e1505671543863.jpgCo-Founder at InnoCampus.org, passionate about connecting people through meaningful conversations artfully hosted in inspirational places, seeking balance between science and spirituality, between dreams and realities, dedicated to the advancement of human consciousness, interested in exoteric ancient wisdom traditions. Ankara, mustafaosmanturan@gmail.com